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Admission Procedure

  • The most current IEP is sent to the office for review.  If the IEP is more than a year old, a parent must request an emergency reconvene to update it.
  • If the classification is appropriate and there are no obvious problems, the IEP is forwarded to the relevant teacher to review.
  • A three-day screening session will be set.  The student is submersed in the class he/she is anticipated to attend.  During this period, the student is expected to meet whatever obligations are reasonable, including homework, with the exception of exams.  A portfolio of work and teacher anecdotes is assembled and reviewed by the teacher, principal and appropriate related service personnel and will be the basis for an admission decision.
  • A meeting is held with the student, parent and principal to determine status of admission.  If accepted, the parent agrees to and will provide registration documents and program fees prior to admission.
  • The office will provide to all relevant personnel the IEP and related reports
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