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Admission Policy

Students may be considered for admission provided the following criteria exists:

  •   The Committee on Special Education (CSE) in his/her home district has seen the student, Phase 1 of the IEP is in place and the school has received the documents.
  •   The student’s evaluation states that the student functions in a range that we can service appropriately and the student has social, emotional, and behavioral needs similar to those of the broader school population.
  •   Our staff screening reports indicates that the student would benefit from our special education program.
  • The parent agrees that if any mandated related services become necessary that cannot be provided by the program, the parent will pursue a Related Service Agreement (RSA) from the NYC Dept of Education or seek private services at the parent’s expense.
  •   Parents are willing to participate cooperatively in the program with regard to fundraising, parent meetings and required follow up for time sensitive evaluations and plans.
  •   The student’s program recommendation falls within the current state approved classifications specific to our program and there is an opening at the site commensurate with the applicants age.
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